SmarTools Tutorial #4 Goals and Objectives

This tutorial will guide you on:

  • Adding client goals/objectives
  • Editing client goals/objectives
  • Deleting client goals/objectives
  • Printing client goals/objectives
  • Pasting client goals/objectives into a new treatment note or Microsoft Word

SmarTools Tutorial #5 Treatment Notes

This tutorial will guide you on:

  • Adding a treatment note
  • Editing a treatment note
  • Deleting a treatment note
  • Printing a single or range of treatment notes

SmarTools Tutorial #6 Words/Phrases Module

This tutorial will guide you on:

  • Searching for a specific word or phrase
  • Finding feature details of a specific word or phrase
  • Creating and printing word lists
  • Finding activities associated with specific words/phrases
  • Sorting the words/phrases list by stage, syllable number, difficulty and activities

SmarTools Tutorial #7 Activities Module

This tutorial will guide you on:

  • Searching for a specific activity
  • Finding activities by specific criteria (e.g., specific stage)
  • Marking activities to create an activities list
  • Printing one or multiple activities

Video Demo

POOF-Slinky – Ideal Mouse Match Color Memory Game

This game teaches colors and builds memory skillsInvolves cute, color-coded mice and pieces of cheese that are sized just right so little hands can move and manipulate them easily. Collect the most cheese by matching the color in the Mouse Match Color Memory Gamemouse’s ears to the color of the cheese in the center of the game board. Winner of “Parents” Best Toys Award for 2009. For children 4-years of age and older.
  • stage 4: home, mo (more)
  • stage 5: mouse, match, ear, cheese, eat, go, in, out, see

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Hog Wild Dog Popper

Ready, aim, POP! Squeeze the belly of this irresistibly cute Dog, and a soft foam ball pops out of its mouth. The harder you squeeze, the farther it shoots – up to 20′! Air-powered and safe for indoor or outdoor play. Includes 6 soft foam balls Hog Wild Dog Popperand convenient carry net. Squeezably adorable and lots of fun. Not for children under 3 years.

  • Stage 2: ah (on), m (more)
  • Stage 3: up, pup, pop, ba (ball), ma (more)
  • Stage 4: mo (more), off, wow, woof
  • Stage 5: put, on, ball, out, go, more, dog
  • Stage 6: squeeze doggy, ready set go

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Pressman Chimp and Zee Zoo Who? Game

The six animals that are on your card are waiting for you to feed them! On your turn take a card from the zookeeper’s jeepFor 2 to 4 players, Ages 3 to 5.Pressman-Chimp-ZeeZoo-Who-Game

stage 2: mmm, ah

stage 3: muh (more), ah (on)

stage 4: mo (more), ee (eat), bamboo, hay, hippo, yum, yeah, who?

stage 5: banana, fish, mouse, grass, fly, shrimp, cherry, spider, snake, eat

stage 6: flamingo, zookeeper, zookeeper’s truck, koala bear, spiderweb

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (A Five Little Monkeys Story)

The nursery rhyme “Five Little Monkeys” has long been a favorite song and finger play with the preschool set, but Eileen Christelow gives it new life as a hilarious picture book. Her expressive pencil and watercolor illustrations capture bothFive-Little-Monkeys-Book the glee and the pratfalls of those misbehaving monkeys. A sure-fire hit at story hour, this rhythmic romp is a counting lesson, too, as the five bouncy bed-jumpers bump their heads and get hauled off to the doctor one by one. This board book edition is just the right size for small human hands. (IRA/CBC Children’s Choice Award, 1990)

  • Stage 2..ha (hop) mm (more)
  • Stage 3 up, hop, ape (monkey) Stage 4 five, mo/more
  • Stage 5 monkey, jump, bed, no, more

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Pop On Pals Around The House Combo Pack

This set comes with 2 Pals, 10 Rings and lots of mix and match wacky playtime, the Poppabilities are endless, they’re the fun-est most pop-able friends ever! With so many easy pop on rings, little hands can dress and change them over and Pop-on-Pals-Around-Houseover again, just press and dress – it’s all about mix-n-match.
  • stage 2: ah (on), m (more), ha (hat)stage 3: pop, ah (on)
  • stage 4: boy, he, off
  • stage 5: on, match, pants, shirt, arms, girl, she, dress, press
  • stage 6: teddybear, basketball, rubber ducky, hamburger

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