Bugged Out Game

Can you remove one colorful, bug-eyed brick, without toppling the whole heap? Builds turn-taking skills and good sportsmanship, as well as color recognition and naming skills. For 2-4 players, ages 4 Bugged Out gameand up. Includes 30 easy-to-handle bricks and a game die.  How to play: stack all the bug-eyed bricks, lining up three in each row, one of each color. Role the die and remove a brick from the pile that matches the color rolled. Once the brick is removed, carefully place it on the top of the tower, building a new row. Whoever causes the tower to tip is “out.” Keep playing until only one player – the winner – is left.

  • stage 4: ew! oh-oh
  • stage 5: bug, out, off, more, worm, get, it, on, top
  • stage 6: bottom, caterpillar, stack bug

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