I Wash My Dogs (Lite Edition)

stage 3: pup, buhbuh (bubble)

stage 4: uh-oh, oh-oh, mo (more), wawa (water)

stage 5: muddy, dirty, water, rinse, soap, wet, wash, dry, comb, brush

stage 6: blow dryer, fluffly dog, beautiful

.99 cents at iTunes

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Old MacDonald – by Duck Duck Moose

stage 3: up
stage 5: hat up, cow up, more cow, go
stage 6: stop the tractor, …is (verbing), slide the…..

$1.99 at iTunes

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Henry’s Smart Headlamp HD

stage 5: I see a…….find a….10, 7
stage 6: 17, 14


$2.99 at iTunes

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Polly Poodle’s Noisy Book

stage 2: haha, ha (hug)
stage 3: ba
stage 4: ahhoo, waaa, poo, poop
stage 5: kiss, yawn
stage 6: splash in the water, time to sleep


.99 cents on iTunes!


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Make a Scene Farmyard – App

Another great APP!

Make a Scene Farmyard

stage 2: ha (hi),
stage 3: baa, ba (bye), up
stage 4: moo, hay, who, me, woof
stage 5: on, go, eat, horse, cow, pig, goat, hen, duck, bird, cat, dog, fence, barn
stage 6: watering can, wheelbarrow, tomato, butterfly, bumblebee, scarecrow

Peekaboo HD

Another great APP!

Peekaboo HD
stage 2: ha ha
stage 3: baa,
stage 4: who, hay, woof, move, meow, moo
stage 5: dog, rooster, mouse, hen, pig, sheep, duck, neigh, horse, cat, cow
stage 6: everybody, animal

Toca Doctor

This is a great APP!

Toca Doctor
stage 2: ah
stage 3: up
stage 4: ow, oh-oh, owie, boo boo, me, you
stage 5: on, push, band-aid, go, knee, head, arm tummy