Bugged Out Game

Can you remove one colorful, bug-eyed brick, without toppling the whole heap? Builds turn-taking skills and good sportsmanship, as well as color recognition and naming skills. For 2-4 players, ages 4 Bugged Out gameand up. Includes 30 easy-to-handle bricks and a game die.  How to play: stack all the bug-eyed bricks, lining up three in each row, one of each color. Role the die and remove a brick from the pile that matches the color rolled. Once the brick is removed, carefully place it on the top of the tower, building a new row. Whoever causes the tower to tip is “out.” Keep playing until only one player – the winner – is left.

  • stage 4: ew! oh-oh
  • stage 5: bug, out, off, more, worm, get, it, on, top
  • stage 6: bottom, caterpillar, stack bug

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Chickyboom – Perfect for Easter!

81+5Dzp1HhL._SL1500_Down on the farm, the chickens are as happy as can be on their perch. But when one stirs, everything starts to wobble! Get the chickens, wagon wheels and hay bales off the rocking perch without making it topple. The pieces in this counting game have different weights and point values. The player with the highest score wins the game. A game of balance, counting and laughs where the roost goes Chickyboom! This all wooden game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up. Includes 6 chickens, 7 hay bales, 7 wagon wheels, a barn, and a perch.

Stage 5: chick, sit, on top, nest, more, add, egg

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Green Magnetic Wand & 100 Piece Magnetic Bingo Chip Markers

51vMW-V6eUL._SL1500_Happy St. Patrick’s Day from SMARTALK! Here’s a little magic:

These magnetic bingo chips are small, button-sized circular discs which are used to cover the numbers on bingo cards. Players use a bingo wand to easily pick up magnetic bingo chips! They’re reusable unlike bingo daubers. The pack contains 100 magnetic green chips and magnetic wand to play all kinds of games!

stage 3
: up
stage 4: me, you
stage 5: pick, more, chip, dot

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Melissa & Doug Farm Maze Wooden Puzzle

71l4R7UMh1L._SL1500_This innovative wooden puzzle includes nine adorable farm-themed pieces that slide around a farmyard on slotted tracks. Uniquely designed sliding pieces move freely around the puzzle, but can’t be removed or lost. This great activity encourages hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

stage 3: baa

stage 4: moo, home

stage 5: sheep, pig, hen, dog, horse,duck, go, pond, barn, house, fence

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Melissa & Doug Press and Spin Game: Farm Animal Pairs

This memory game with a press-and-pop spinner includes 24 sturdy cards, plus spinner and instructions. Kids love the irresistable press-and-pop spinner; parents appreciate the classic play values and excellent quality. Great for family game M-D-Press-and-Spin-Farm-Animal-Pairsnight! Encourages cognitive and interpersonal skills.

  • Stage 3: baa
  • Stage 4: you, me, peep, meow, moo, woof
  • Stage 5: cat, dog, sheep, hen, horse, neigh

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Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers School Bus

Toy school bus with 3 wiggly-wobbly characters. Little People characters include Maggie, Michael and Carlos the Bus Driver. Pushing down on the seated driver starts all sorts of action – lights, talking, and a song about stop and go. Seated F-P-Little-People-Lil-Movers-School-Busfigures wobble when the bus moves. Part of the ‘World of Little People’ System.

  • Stage 5 Lingual Control (in, on, out, bus, sit, see, boy, girl, dad, show, shut, door, go)

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Peaceable Kingdom – Stone Soup Board Game

An award-winning yummy memory matching game; players work together to “cook” a soup by making matches of ingredients. If they are successful, everyone wins! Children learn memory and social development skills with no reading Peaceable-Kingdom-Stone Soup-Board-Gamerequired. Winner of Major Fun! Award and Family Review Center Seal of Approval. For 2 to 4 players, age 5 years and older.

  • stage 4: you, me, yeah
  • stage 5: fire, match, no, soup, in, put, pot
  • stage 6: broccoli, celery, tomato, onion, potato, magic rock, vegetable

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Melissa & Doug Press and Spin Game: Bye-Bye Balloon

This color-match game with a press-and-pop spinner includes 24 colorful balloon cards, spinner and instructions. Kids love the irresistable press-and-pop spinner; parents appreciate the classic play values and excellent quality. Great for M-D-Press-and-Spin-Bye-Bye-Balloonfamily game night! Encourages hand-eye coordination, color recognition and interpersonal skills.

  • stage 4: me, you, bye bye, uh-oh
  • stage 5: go, balloon, yellow, purple
  • stage 6: spin, blue, green, orange, bye bye orange balloon!

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Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Can Opener and Cans

Realistic can opener and 2 cans to open. Easy-to-operate twist handle; cans really open in just a few twists. Part of Melissa & Doug’s ‘Let’s Play House’ line of play-kitchen accessories. Great for fine motor skills, hand strength, hand-eye M-D-Can-Opener-and-Canscoordination and problem-solving skills.

  • stage 4: off, me, you
  • stage 5: open, can, more, turn

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Flip and Serve Pancake Set

Set includes 2 pancakes, 9 topping disks, 4 pats of butter, skillet, knife, spatula, removable place setting, and “cooktop surface” (printed on the box). Promotes hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. Helps teach basic shape recognition, M-D-Wooden-Flip-Serve-Pancake-Setsequencing and beginning math skills. Age 3+/

  • stage 4: you, me, I
  • stage 5: hot, on, off, do, more, banana, butter
  • stage 6: blueberries, chocolate chip, flip a pancake

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