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Melissa & Doug Press and Spin Game: Bye-Bye Balloon

This color-match game with a press-and-pop spinner includes 24 colorful balloon cards, spinner and instructions. Kids love the irresistable press-and-pop spinner; parents appreciate the classic play values and excellent quality. Great for M-D-Press-and-Spin-Bye-Bye-Balloonfamily game night! Encourages hand-eye coordination, color recognition and interpersonal skills.

  • stage 4: me, you, bye bye, uh-oh
  • stage 5: go, balloon, yellow, purple
  • stage 6: spin, blue, green, orange, bye bye orange balloon!

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Free Activity Idea from SmarTools! Stage 5 – A Roll of the Dice

A new feature on our blog: Free SmarTools activities from our program! This one is for Stage 5 – Lingual Control. If you’d like to purchase SmarTools, click here!


Free Activity Idea from SmarTools! Stage 2 – A Drop in the Bucket

A new feature on our blog: Free SmarTools activities from our program! This one is for Stage 2 – Phonatory Control.  If you’d like to purchase SmarTools, click here!


Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House! Can Opener and Cans

Realistic can opener and 2 cans to open. Easy-to-operate twist handle; cans really open in just a few twists. Part of Melissa & Doug’s ‘Let’s Play House’ line of play-kitchen accessories. Great for fine motor skills, hand strength, hand-eye M-D-Can-Opener-and-Canscoordination and problem-solving skills.

  • stage 4: off, me, you
  • stage 5: open, can, more, turn

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Melissa & Doug Wooden Flip and Serve Pancake Set

Set includes 2 pancakes, 9 topping disks, 4 pats of butter, skillet, knife, spatula, removable place setting, and “cooktop surface” (printed on the box). Promotes hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills. Helps teach basic shape recognition, M-D-Wooden-Flip-Serve-Pancake-Setsequencing and beginning math skills. Age 3+/

  • stage 4: you, me, I
  • stage 5: hot, on, off, do, more, banana, butter
  • stage 6: blueberries, chocolate chip, flip a pancake

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Jumping Jack Game

Features a super cool carrot-planting bunny named Jack – Includes a highly detailed bunny hill for planting and removing the carrots. Teaches basic counting skills, turn-based game play, and develops hand-eye coordination.Jumping-Jack-Game

  • stage 5: push, out, on, in, garden, bunny, rabbit, go, no

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Melissa & Doug Switch and Spin Magnetic Gear Board

Magnetic board with eight pegs and gears to place, spin and rearrange. Includes magnetic board with wooden frame, eight magnetic pegs, eight gears and five double-sided design templates. Design templates feature appealing line-art M-D-Switch-Spin-Magnetic-Gear-Boarddrawings that come to life when the colorful pegs are placed. Each card features color-coded holes to guide peg placement, plus an easy-lift table for no-hassle design changes. Ideal for developing dexterity, problem solving and an understanding of cause-and-effect and simple mechanics.

  • stage 5: on, gear, go, put, red
  • stage 6: green gear, yellow gear, blue gear, orange gear, spin around

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Battat Take-A-Part Airplane

Includes 21 vehicle parts and a battery-powered screwdriver with 3 different bits. Big chunky pieces for small hands to play with. Airplane size: 9.75″ X 9.75″ X 6.25″. Ages 3 and up. Requires two AA batteries (not included).Battat-Take-Apart-Airplane

  • stage 4: me, you, off
  • stage 5: on, in, bit, nut, wing, wheel, tail
  • stage 6: drillbit, propellor, screw

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Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

Alphabet-themed set includes plenty of colorful, generously-sized wooden magnets of both upper and lower case letters. Use this to enrich a child’s imagination and make learning fun. Exceptional quality and value.M-D-Magnetic-Wooden-Alphabet

  • stage 4: A, O, B, E, F, M, P, U, V, Y
  • stage 5: C, D, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, Q, R, S, T, X, Z
  • stage 6: W, alphabet

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The Original 46″ Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

Bozo the Bop Bag clown stands at a whopping 46 inches! Take your frustrations out on Bozo, he’ll keep bouncing back! Nose squeaks when punched. Sand at bottom.Bozo 3-D Bop Bag

  • stage 3: bop, bam
  • stage 5: bozo, go, down, back

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