Play-Doh Case of Colors

41yeIeSqR3LPick your colors – they are endless! This Play-Doh Case of Colors includes ten cans of Play-Doh and has limitless possibilities for creative, colorful fun. Includes ten 2-ounce cans of Play-Doh molding compound.

Stage 4: Labial Facial Control (off, me, mo (more), wow, you)

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Toysmith: Ice Cream Punch Cone

31UqbDTyF9LSqueeze the trigger to release the sponge ice cream scoop attached to the 7″ plastic cone. This is a classic retro gag gift toy.

Stage 3: Mandibular Control (up, pop, on, ma (me)

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Magic Mike (sold individually)

31q2x6msU6LThis 9.5 inch tall echo microphone magnifies the sound of your voice. Just speak or sing in to this echo microphone and listen to the sound of your voice coming back to you! with no batteries required.

  • Stage 2: Phonatory Control (ah, mm, ha)

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Ruffs House Teaching Tactile Set

51ndbIcYPVL._SY450_Help the fuzzy dog sort through all the textured rubber and cloth bones he hid in his doghouse. Builds fine motor sensory play skills, plus teaches children about matching, taking turns and sharing. Ideal for children with special needs. Features a variety of rubber and cloth bones: smooth, silky, scratchy, bumpy, ridged and more. Includes little dog, twenty 2″L bones (2 each of 10 textures), Activity Guide and plastic doghouse. Ages 3-5 (Grades PreK and up).

  • stage 3: pup
  • stage 4: home, mo (more)
  • stage 5: bone, more, match, bumpy, rough, smooth, soft, fluffy, silky

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Domi-Knows® – Whose Nose?

419nUvpciZLFour distinct games showcase different ways to uncover animal pairs. Domi-Knows™ feature photos that enhance memory and expand visual learning. They’re also great for hand/eye coordination. Perfect for learning or game time! Ages 4 and up.

stage 4: who? I have, you have
stage 5: whose nose? pig, tiger, dog
stage 6: elephant

Domi-Knows™ at

I Wash My Dogs (Lite Edition)

stage 3: pup, buhbuh (bubble)

stage 4: uh-oh, oh-oh, mo (more), wawa (water)

stage 5: muddy, dirty, water, rinse, soap, wet, wash, dry, comb, brush

stage 6: blow dryer, fluffly dog, beautiful

.99 cents at iTunes

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Old MacDonald – by Duck Duck Moose

stage 3: up
stage 5: hat up, cow up, more cow, go
stage 6: stop the tractor, …is (verbing), slide the…..

$1.99 at iTunes

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Henry’s Smart Headlamp HD

stage 5: I see a…….find a….10, 7
stage 6: 17, 14


$2.99 at iTunes

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Polly Poodle’s Noisy Book

stage 2: haha, ha (hug)
stage 3: ba
stage 4: ahhoo, waaa, poo, poop
stage 5: kiss, yawn
stage 6: splash in the water, time to sleep


.99 cents on iTunes!


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Make a Scene Farmyard – App

Another great APP!

Make a Scene Farmyard

stage 2: ha (hi),
stage 3: baa, ba (bye), up
stage 4: moo, hay, who, me, woof
stage 5: on, go, eat, horse, cow, pig, goat, hen, duck, bird, cat, dog, fence, barn
stage 6: watering can, wheelbarrow, tomato, butterfly, bumblebee, scarecrow