SmartCards is a five deck photo card set of real-world objects based on the PROMPT System and Motor Speech Hiierarchy. Bright and sturdy, SmartCards will engage your cllents with many interactive and functional activities.

Each card deck contains 52 cards, with 26 word pairs.

260 total cards.

Designed for targeting control of: Phonation, Mandibular, Labial-Facial, Lingual and Sequenced Movements.

A manual with ideas and words lists is included.

What makes SmartCards© unique?
SmartCards© are unique because they are organized according to the stages in the Motor Speech Treatment Hierarchy (phonation, mandibular control, labial-facial control, lingual control and control of sequenced movements). Traditional articulation cards are phoneme or phonological process based. As such, they often do not consider the difficulty of each movement as it relates to its’ acoustic production e.g. sound, or the relationship between the motor difficulty across sounds (movements). Due to this acoustic bias there are not many appropriate word choices for Prompt based treatment. In SmartCards© we used a variety of words in each stage that could be represented by photographs and could be used in functional activities. We decided to have word pairs so that functional activities and interactive games could be played. The words chosen for SmartCards© are not exhaustive by any means. For further analysis of words used in each stage, please refer to word analysis in SmarTools©, a CD-rom program consisting of over 825 words.

We find the cards especially useful at the stages of phonation and mandibular control where speech movements are organized on a single plane. At these stages the cards offer approximations and there are many different pictures representing the same word (e.g. ‘ah’ ‘ha’ ‘bam’ ‘up’ ‘hop’).